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Still I love you

I loved you once; you loved me not; i loved you twice; but then i thought; you dont love me; and never will; but even so; I love you still!

I will come thrice

I will come thrice in a minute; twice in an hour; once in a day. what is this?

A. Vowel

Nothing is every thing

Nothing is every thing in life. But everything is something in life. Think it twice and believe it once.

Single day with all colors

A life has many colors showing in many days. Holi is the single day when all colors meet at once. Happy Holi.

Mere jaise kapde pahan kar by Sultan Mirza

Mere jaise kapde
Mere jaise kapde

Mere jaise kapde pahan kar tu sultan mirza jaisa dikh to sakta hai lekin BAN NAHI SAKTA!

-Dialogue By Ajay Devgan in Movie Once upon a time in Mumbai

Happy New Year once again

*Happy new year* Soch rahe ho ki aaj kyon? Ab tum DON ko sikhao ge k kab wish karna hai; Don jab bhi chahata hai tab wish karta hai; Happy New Year once again!