I hope you remember

I hope you remember my wishes last year and your through out year passed in Fun and Happiness. Here I am wishing you again for this year as well. A very happy and Prosperous new year.

Child parents and Report Card

When I was child; I was afraid to show my report card. Years passed by: now my parents are afraid to see it. I like their improvement!

Time is like a River

Time is like a River. You cant touch the same water twice; because the flow that has passed will never pass again. So Enjoy every moment of life.

Long live the tradition

Long live the tradition of Hindu culture; as the generations have passed by; Hindu culture is getting stronger and stronger lets keep it up. Best Wishes for Dussehra.

Only India Against Corruption

No Cricket; No Movie; No Parties; No Fun; Only India Against Corruption. I am a citizen of India. I Support Anna Hazare. Join the movement until Jan Lokpal Bill is passed.

Pass this message

Dear Friends Pass this message so that each and every Indian should receive it. Well known veteran social activist ANNA HAZARE began his fast unto death in Delhi for passing the Lokpal bill. If this is passed; corruption will be out in one day itself. India will become Bharat: SONE KI CHIDIYA AGAIN. I support him.