Shocking love story

Shocking love story: A boy sitting with his Girl Friend he saw a guys photo in her bag and asked: Is he ur X Boy Friend? GF kissd him and said; no thats me before operation.

Smile turn into tears

When will your smile turn into tears. 1. When you lift your first baby. 2. See your most loved one after so many long years. 3. When you hear your 1st recruitment message after a long wait. 4. When you are asked to smile for photo in your lovers marriage. 5. On the last day of your college life. 6. When you visit the places with your wife or husband which once you visited with your friends in college life. Remember: Joy or pain enjoy every moment that your life gives!

Photo of Rajnikanth for Xerox

Once a Photo of Rajnikanth was given for copy to Xerox. Dont even try to guess What happend? We got two copies of Xerox Machines.

Your Childhood Photo

Monkey Childhood photo

o( @..@ )o

Identify Who is this?

Its not Monkey,

Its your child hood Photo!