Become a fearless pilot in our side-scrolling infinite runner game SWOOOP! Jump in your biplane and discover a fantastic world. Collect gems, stars, wrenches and avoid the clouds to reach the highest score!


Pilot Heroes

Play Pilot Heroes

If you enjoy flying plane or dream t about it, play this game. Various levels of play various levels of Pilot. Rating will be given according to your driving. Start playing and enjoy.

Jack sat in Plane for first time

Jack sat in Plane for first time. Plane started moving on runway. Jack SLAPPED the pilot hardly and told: You idiot; I am getting late and your are taking the plane through Road?

Santa first time in plane

Santa 1st time plane me baitha.
Plane runway pe chal raha tha.
Tabhi Santa ne pilot ko SLAP mara aur bola:
Sale, mai Late ho raha hun aur tu By road ja raha hai?