Girl with a Shopkeeper in a Shop

Girl: whats the price for this dress? Shopkeeper: 15000 rupees. Girl: awww! and whats the price for the pink one? Shopkeeper: awww + awww.! !

Keep Smiling as Smile gives

A smile gives red color to your cheeks; White to your teeth; Pink color to your lips; Silver color to your eyes; So keep smiling and enjoy the colors of life.

Rose colors and Relationship

Black rose for an enemy. White rose for peace. Red rose for love. Pink rose for a close friend. Yellow rose for a new friend. Now which one I can deserve for You?

A Colourful Message

A Colourful Message; RED; PINK; YELLOW; VIOLET; GREEN; to a colourful person; for colourful day; in a colourful way; as a pray; that the colourful ray; may forever stay. Happy colorful Happy Holi.

Blessed with all shades of Holi

Red for prosperity; Green for happiness; Blue for longitivity; Orange for progress; Pink for friendship; May you be blessed with all shades of Holi.

Colors for Holi

Red; Blue; Yellow; Pink; Silver; Green; Orange; I am sending you colors in advance. Be ready to play Holi! Happy Holi in Advance!