Yet feels like forever

Its hard to know; you are just my friend; I wonder if this will ever end. I love to hold you the way I used to and prove to you my love is so true; It was not long ago; yet feels like forever

Words and heart

Words cant express what I feel for you. Its also difficult for me to prove. But I know my heart is true when i say: I am lucky to have you.

The past and future

The past is to prove that no one is perfect; and the future is to prove that everyone can change.

Two Great Days In Human Life

Two Great Days In Human Life: The Day We Were Born AND The Day We Prove Why We Were Born Believe In Yourself and Prove Yourself.

i m d best i can prove it

i m d best i can prove it i cn see d tea in teacup; cn u see d world in wrldcup? i cn send my adress 2 ur mobile; cn u send ur mobile 2 my adress.