Failure gives new ideas 2 win

Dont read Stories of Success. Read Stories of Failure. Bcoz Successful stories gives the only msg. But Stories of Failure gives new ideas 2 win.

If you read

If you read; you owe me a HUG; if you delete; you Owe me a KISS; if you save; you owe me a DATE; if you return text to me; you owe me All; but if you ignore; you are MINE; so what will you do?

Jack saw a board at the center

Jack saw a board at the center of a River; He tried to read; but he cant read it. So; Jill asked him to swim into the River and read. Then he read CROCODILES INSIDE DONT SWIM!

You look sweet sweeter sweetest

You look sweet when you read my message. You look sweeter when you read my message and smile; you look sweetest when you read my message; smile and reply. So; try yo look sweetest always.

Read out this sms very carefully

Read out this sms very carefully; watch as you read it wide because i have filled it with loads of kisses hundreds loads of hugs inside my Love

Boys think of girls

Boys think of girls just like books; if the cover does not catch their eyes; they wont even bother to read whats inside.

You read

All flowers dont represent love but rose did it. All animals cannot speak but parrot did it. All donkeys cannot read but you did it!