When we are

When we are wrong and surrender, we are honest;
When we are in doubt and surrender, we are wise;
But when we are right and surrender, we value

Good Morning Nice SMS

RELATIONS cannot be understood

RELATIONS cannot be understood by the Language of MONEY; Some INVESTMENTS never gain PROFIT in RUPEES; But; They make US RICH in VALUES.

Best Relations are like

Best Relations are like Beautiful Street Lamps! They may not make the distance shorter but they light your path and make the Journey Easier!

Time; Health; Relations

Time; Health; Relations. These three things dont come with a Price Tag; But when we Loose them. We Realize the Cost! So Treat them Carefully.

We maintain silence

Sometimes we maintain silence to protect one beautiful relation. But Too much silence creates tears in all beautiful relations.

Seven tips to be happy in life

Seven tips to be happy in life; never be late; dont cheat!; live simple!; expect little!; work more!; always smile!; never break good relations.

Some relations have no explanations

We never know why we like some people more than others. Why we love some people without reasons. Why we feel happy with their presence. Because some relations have no explanations.