RELATIONS cannot be understood

RELATIONS cannot be understood by the Language of MONEY; Some INVESTMENTS never gain PROFIT in RUPEES; But; They make US RICH in VALUES.

Human gets rich as they grow old

Human being get rich as they grow old; silver in hair; gold in teeth; sugar in blood; precious stones in kidney and a never ending supply of gas!

Enta rich people aina

Enta rich people aina CHIPPA pattukoni nilchunedi ekkado telusa? Panipuri bandi degara. keep Smiling.

Travel in hearts

Rich people travel in cars; poor people travel in carts; but people like you; always travel in hearts.

Life is a continuous journey

Life is a continuous journey; a constant challenge. We get rich NOT by treasure in our banks but the treasure WE BANK in the hearts of others.

To know how rich you are

Whenever you want to know how rich you are. Dont count your money; just drop a tear from your eye and see how many hands are there to wipe it. That is Richness.