When we are

When we are wrong and surrender, we are honest;
When we are in doubt and surrender, we are wise;
But when we are right and surrender, we value

Good Morning Nice SMS

I dont wanna feel

I dont wanna feel the way that I do; I just wanna be right here with you; I dont wanna see; see us apart; I just wanna say straight from my heart I miss you.

If Loving you is Wrong

If Loving you is Wrong; I dont want to be Right and If being right means Living without you; I want to be wrong for the rest of my life.

Mother s R

Mother s R means RIGHT; and right she will always be. She loves you so never she is wrong.

Lets spread and celebrate Republic Day

Rising; Empowered; Powerful; Ultimate; Beautiful; Independent; Charming; INDIA; It is not a dream we are more than 60 year old republic India; lets mature now and bring the laws and rights out of the constitution. Lets spread them and celebrate them

What is life

What is life? Its B to D = Birth to Death. But whats between B and D? Its C = Choice. Our life is a matter of Choices. Make the right choices.