I’m following Indirani Mukerjee

No more jokes – I’m following Indirani Mukerjea story. Comedy, Romance, Adultery, Murder, Suspense- damn! that lady lead crazy life…

Indrani Mukerjea –
A 2nd wife of her 3rd husband is charged along with her 2nd husband of killing her sister now daughter from her 1st husband who was having affair with her 3rd husbands son from his 1st wife

We thought Algebra vector integration and applied Maths had complex equations ???

Couple and Taxi Driver Titanic twist

A couple were doing romance in a Taxi. Taxi driver was seeing them and Hit a pole after some distance. Then Taxi driver cried beating his head; Now I understood why TITANIC sinked.

There is no silence in my heart

There is no silence in my heart; when I am in love. There is no tears from my soul; hatred; only passion; love and romance. When I am with you; this is how I am. I love you. Happy valentines Day

Question SMS Fun Game

question fun game

question fun game

Question sms fun game:
A fun game: 4; 14; 24; 34; 44; 54; 64; 74; 84; 94. Select any number; I will tell on which matter you think more. Its from German Mythology. Reply me the number

You always think about. 4: Education; 14: Marriage; 24: Love; 34: Success; 44: Romance; 54: Future; 64: Friendship; 74: Sex; 84: Mom and Dad; 94: Earning Money.