Room Makeover

Have you ever dreamed of owning a house and turning it step by step into your home? In Room Makeover this dream became reality. You bought an old and cozy house but it needs some renovating before it is truly your place. Once you cleaned every room and fixed the broken stuff you will be surprised how much more welcoming this old house is. To make the rooms fit your needs and wishes even better you can finally change the furniture as well as the wallpapers. Now let’s stop talking – take a sponge, a hammer and paint roller and get to work! You can play Room Makeover for free!

My beautiful SMS traveled

My beautiful sms traveled over my Room; Roads; Buildings; Towers; Rivers; Lakes; Plants; Cloud and finally reached your mobile just to wish you.


CM Kiran: Naa kottha illu choosava enthundo? Oka room nundi vere room ki vellal ante bike kavali! Jagan: Repu naa guest house ki ra kodaka; room marithe roaming paduthundhi..!! Rahul Gandhi: Pichii na ______ naa intiki randi; room marithe Time zone maruthundhi. HEIGHTS OF CORRUPTION IN INDIA.

Take cold water bath twice daily

Take cold water bath twice daily. Morning and evening. Cold refers to room temperature or tap water during normal days. Luke warm water in cold days and cold water in summer.