Shoot and Move

Shoot and Move

Play the Game Shoot and move originally the name is burnin’ rubber. An addictive game. Different levels of racing and shooting game. At first level you get two cars and two types of guns. After you reach a certain distance you can unlock the other car and weapons. Its an interesting game which will make you focus completely on the game and offers you for the quick decision. Play and enjoy it.

Santa’s Funny Style question in Bank

Santa shouted in a bank: Did any one lost a bunch of currency notes on which Rubber band was there? Every one lifted their hands saying yes. Lol! Santa: Currency notes may have been taken by someone; I just got this rubber band!

Cute line for you

One cute line for you: I am not a pencil to write your Happiness. But I will be a nice rubber to erase all your sorrow. Just try when you want me!

A life time advice

A life time advice: Jeevan me itni galtiyan na karo ki pencil se pehle rubber ghis jaye. Aur rubber ko itna b na ghiso ki zindagi ka page hi fat jaye.

Pyar ki khabar and rubber

Kisiko na thi, mere pyaar ki khabar, Kisiko na thi, mere pyaar ki khabar, Diagram galat hogaya, rubber de rubber.