For me all I can say

For me all I can say your one of the best person I have ever loved and will continue to love you. You bring joy too my sadness and light to my darkness.

Nothing just Over acting

When I dont get your sms A litle pain in my hurt; A small tear in my eyes and sadness falls on my face. Whats this? Its nothing just Over acting.

When I was a Kid and Grew Up

When I was a kid I laughed less but there was infinite hidden happiness. As I grew up I learn to laugh a lot to hide the unspoken sadness.

Before you met me

Before you met me you were sad I was Happy. Then I gave you my smile and took away all your sadness and Now I am going away forever will take all your sadness and hide it in some Part Of My Life and you will never feel that the smile up there is not yours. Its MINE

Be the reason for

Be the reason for someones happiness; but not just part of it. Be a part of someones sadness; but not the reason for it.

When I didnt get ur SMS

When I didnt get ur SMS a little pain in my Heart. A small tear in my eye; sadness falls on my Face; Wat is this? Its Nothing but Just Missing