Dog under Santa’s Car

One dog was sitting under the santa car. Santa: what are you doing under my car. Dont try to become an engineer.

Santa calls Banta

Santa calls Banta and asks How long does it take to fly to USA? Just a sec; comes an answer as Banta was busy. Thank you says the Santa and hangs up!

Santa explaining Banta

Santa: Women live a better; longer and peaceful life as compared to men. Banta: Why? Santa: Women dont have a wife!

What Santa does when he didnt knew answer

Santa did not know answer in exam. He thinks a lot and he gets idea of mobile recharge card and just write one line for each question. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just scratch here and check answer.

Santa car without petrol

Banta to Santa: Santa; petrol tank is now empty; Car cannot go forward now. Santa: No Worries; Take the car backwards where we came from!

Santa invented a computer

Santa: I have invented a new computer which behaves like a human being. Banta: Really! Can you show me in what way? Santa: whenever it makes a mistake; it blames other computers.