If you read

If you read; you owe me a HUG; if you delete; you Owe me a KISS; if you save; you owe me a DATE; if you return text to me; you owe me All; but if you ignore; you are MINE; so what will you do?

When someone hurts you

When someone hurts you; dont cry! Remember; it takes 49 Muscles to Cry and 12 Muscles to Smile But; Only 6 Muscles to give a Slap. Save Energy!

Fight between CHOUDHURY and a Tiger

Once there was a fight between CHOUDHURY and a Tiger. CHOUDHURY Ran away. Why? Save The Tiger. Only 1411 are left. Otherwise you know CHOUDHURY hahaha. . .

DHOOM-3 Go green theme

DHOOM 3 ;Go green; theme! John n Hrithik rob money and escape on Super Bikes. Rajnikant; the super hero catches both on cycle and says Save fuel; Use cycle!