The 1st man who discovered milk

This sentence is sure to make you laugh. Give it a thought. The 1st man who discovered milk; whoever he was; what the hell was he trying to do with the Cow?


The most determinative sentence which should always be followed in life. THE GAME IS NOT OVER; BECAUSE I HAVE NOT WON YET!

Cute and Sweet sentence

A cute and sweet sentence for a real friendship dedicated to all friends. If nothing can last forever with you; can i be your nothing?

Do you know a fact of Bhagat Singh

Do you know few coward Britishers of year 1931 hanged Indian Freedom fighter Bhagat Singh an hour ahead of the official time when the death sentence was to be commuted and secretly cremated on the banks of the river Sutlej.

I want you to know

I want you to know something but I dont want to tell you; so I will just let the first 3 words of this sentence explain it.