Act like you are drunk

Morning morning act as if you are drunk. When your mom asks you and get serious on you. Tell her its fools day. April fool wishes.

The most serious questions

The most serious questions in a Girls mind. . . . . . . Every girl in the world thinks about it every day. . . . . . I have no clothes at all; What should I wear today!

Jack went to hotel

Jack went to hotel. Ordered food. . . . . . .Eat food. . . . . Paid for the Bill. . . . . Went to home. . . No jokes. . . . MARCH ending. Be serious!

Aaj santa serious hai

Santa: Log kehte hain ki mohabbt zindagi hoti hai maut nahi,magar woh kya jane ki dhoka bhi zindagi deti hai, maut nahi.aaj santa serious hai, Plz cooperate