Sex Boosts self esteem

After-sex smiles on both faces are signs of a fun night and also a job well done. When people raise the potential of sexual expression, it boosts self-esteem and gives a sense of being attractive, desirable, proficient, and confident.

Sex Increases blood flow

It goes without saying that when we get aroused our blood starts to pump at a quicker rate and, thus, blood flow to our brain increases. Both an increased heart rate and more blood pumping through the brain result in better performance (in and out of the bedroom).

What this ultimately means is that the fresh supply of blood pumping through your body provides the organs with a healthy dose of oxygen and rids the body of old and wasteful products. So, another health benefit of sex is a cleansed system. Treat your temple right with the help of a little excitement.

Sex can tone your body

Sex counts as cardio! A romp can burn anywhere from 85 to 250 calories, depending on the length of the session, well obviously a quickie will be less strenuous than an all-night pleasurefest.

Question SMS Fun Game

question fun game

question fun game

Question sms fun game:
A fun game: 4; 14; 24; 34; 44; 54; 64; 74; 84; 94. Select any number; I will tell on which matter you think more. Its from German Mythology. Reply me the number

You always think about. 4: Education; 14: Marriage; 24: Love; 34: Success; 44: Romance; 54: Future; 64: Friendship; 74: Sex; 84: Mom and Dad; 94: Earning Money.