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Art and Part Of Living

Living in favourable and unfavourable Situations is Called; Part Of Living; But Smiling in all those Situations is called; Art Of Living.

For the world you are someone

For the world you are someone; But for someone you are the world; Life can give you a hundred reasons to cry, but you can give life a thousand reasons to SMILE. So always SMILE and Keep Smiling!

Gold and Diamonds with beauty

Gold and Diamonds does not give Beauty. Only a Golden Heart and a Diamond Smile Gives Real Beauty. So; Always keep On Smiling!

Enta rich people aina

Enta rich people aina CHIPPA pattukoni nilchunedi ekkado telusa? Panipuri bandi degara. keep Smiling.

Smile Full Form

Do you know why I tell you keep smiling? Because it has a full form. S: Sets you free; M: Makes you special; I: Increases your face value; L: Lifts up your spirits; E: Erases all your tensions; So; please keep smiling.

The most beautiful thing

The most beautiful thing in this World is to see your Parents Smiling and the Next Best thing is to know that you are the reason behind that Smile.