Solve Simple Mistakes

Solve Simple Mistakes early before it Leads to Big Problem.

B’coz we always Slip from Small Stones & not from Mountain…

Solve this for fun!

Solve this; Its for fun! : What is 2 x 9 x 50000 x the half of 8 x 9746 x 453000 x 920

The answer is 0! as when you cut 8 into half is 0!

Question of Maths

Question: 4___4___4___4 = 20 Use + – / * To Solve It. Its A Challenge. Reply The Answer.

Answer is (((4/4)+4)*4) = 20

Smile and Silence

A successful person has two things on his lips. Smile and silence. Smile to solve the problem; silence to avoid the problem.

Science is always wrong

Scientist 1: Science is always wrong. Scientist 2: Why are you saying like this? Scientist 1: Every time I solve something; It creates ten more.