A boy called FM radio and said

A boy called FM radio and said: I have found a purse with 15000 Bucks a credit card and an ID card of Mr.John new road; UK. Radio Jockey: How honest so you want to return his purse? Boy: No. . .I just wanted to dedicate a sad song for him!

Kolaveri di student version

Kolaveri di student version: Hand-lo book-u; book-lo stuff-u; eyes-u full of tear-u. Empty mind-u; Exam com-u; life-u reverce gear-u. God i am dying-u now-u; professor is happy how-u. This song-u pass stdnts-u; we dont have choice-u.

Worlds favorite Rakhi song

I want to sing the worlds favorite song for my sweet cute little sister: Phoolon kaa taaron ka; sabka kehna hai; Ek hazaron mein meri behna hai! Saari umar hame sang rehna hai!

A friend is a push chat guide smile

A friend is a push when you have stopped; a chat when you are lonely; a guide when you are searching; a smile when you are sad; a song when you are glad. Heres I am wishing you a Happy Friendship Day!

Welcome to RadioBed FM

Welcome to RadioBed FM. This is BJ: Bed Jockey Bedsheet Hanging out Wis DJ Pilow for Now I will Play a Song for you tilted Sleep Tonight Dozen Of Sweet Dreamz from the Album Gud night. Enjoy the Song.

Whenever you have a problem

Whenever you have a problem; Just sing your favorite song. You will realize that. Your voice is A lot worse than your problem. I keep smiling.

All about Love

love is not a word; love is love; love is who you are; love never dies; love lyes in your heart; love is what you show others; love is inside us all; love is what sets you free; love is your heart; love is your family; love is a song; love is inside you; love is what lets people in; love is around you; you might not see it; but love is there; you just might not believe; believe in love; and love will show you the way; the way to who loves you the most; I like you are everything to me; And I just want you to know; if you meant a lot to me; just like everything.