Seeing the brand new BMW X6 of Boss

Seeing the brand new BMW X6 of the boss, an employee full of excitement tells : wah boss what superb vehicle you have got!

Boss putting his hand on his shoulders : if you too work with all sincerity, put all efforts with your heart and soul, come on time, take no leaves, do work overtime and complete all targets, then …..

Employee: then what sir …

Boss : Next year I will get a better car than this

I need no heaven

I need no jewels as they can be sold; your heart glitters better than GOLD. Pure is your soul as a baby at birth; and I need no heaven when you are on earth. I Love You.

A girl died and her soul

A girl died and her soul was taken to heaven; angels were shocked to see her heart still beating. . . Girl replied; I might be dead but my lover still lives in my heart. . . and thus the girl was send to hell. . . . . . . . . . . . . for over acting! 😛

Cleanse your soul

Cleanse your soul with love for God and your physical self; through social service. Help poor.

Thinking of you on GOOD FRIDAY

I am feeling very sad today! On the Holy day. May His light guide your path. May his love grace your heart. And may His sacrifice strengthen Your Soul! Thinking of you on GOOD FRIDAY!

My Love For You

My Love For You Grows More With Each Passing Second; The Thought Of Your Gorgeous Look Takes My Breath Away. Those Blue Eyes Fill My Soul With Happiness; Those Luscious Lips I Love To Kiss.