Heart is never been tired

Sometimes: My Brain is tired to think. Eyes are tired to see. Lips are tired to speak. Hands are tired to work. Feet are tired to walk. But my Heart is never been tired to loving you.

Being kind is more important

Being kind is more important than being right; Most people need a caring heart to listen than a brilliant mind to speak!

Always speak the Truth

Always speak the Truth; No matter how bitter and harsh it is. . . . . . . . . . . . But; Run immediately after speaking it.

Scientists claim that

Scientists claim that the average person speaks 10,000 words a day. But only 3 words from you can make my day.

Lamp and Achievers

A lamp does not speak; it introduces itself through its light! Achievers never disclose themselves; their achievements disclose to world.

It takes courage

It takes courage to stand up and speak out for your own beliefs.