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Mind Game Words Puzzle

Mind Game: Solve it if you are smart enough. CORRECT THE SPELLING SIMPLE WORDS with hint. Q1: OKEYRWN;City Q2: KASNLRIA;Country Q3: RUBELPM;Profession Q4: DIKYEN;Body part Q5: PITLLU;Flower Q6: TONPYHE;Animal Q7: NOMETARLLEW;Fruit Q8: NICEPSH;Vegetable Q9: MAVBCE;Invention Q10: DOCLYU;Weather

1 – new york; 2 – sri lanka; 3 – plumber; 4 – kidney; 5 – tulip; 6 – python; 7 – watermelon; 8 – spinach; 9 – Webcam 10 – cloudy.

Lasith Malinga and Indian Actor

Lasith Malinga Funny

Lasith Malinga after the Cricket World Cup 2011. Actually the below is face of an Indian Actor looks similar to Lasith Malinga of Sri Lanka

Jeet chukay ham har Match

Jeet chukay ham har Match; Ab yeh baazi bhi hamari hai; Australia ko Quarter Final me; Pakistan ko semi final me maar chukay. Ab Final me Sri Lanka ki baari hai!

India Vs Sri Lanka World Cup 2011 SMS

world cup 2011

Here is the World Cup 2011. The world will be given to the Winner in Todays match i.e; India Vs Sri Lanka. Forward this world cup so that every can see and gives best wishes.

Shayari on World cup 2011 Semi Final India Vs Pakistan

World Cup 2011 Cricket SEMI FINALS Teams that came from Group A: 1. Pakistan 2. New Zealand 3. Srilanka. Teams that came from Group B: . . . . INDIA . . . . .Zhund me to SUAR aate hai; SHER hamesha AKELA aata hai!