When u miss someone

When u miss someone; the person is definitely special 4 u. But if the person is so special; why 2 miss them? Just STAY IN TOUCH as I do!

I love you on Anniversary

I LOVE U are words just three; which means so much on our ANNIVERSARY. So; this is what i want to say; live in my heart and there for ever stay.

True friends friendship day wishes

Good FRIENDS CARE for each Other. Close Friends UNDERSTAND each Other and TRUE Friends Stay forever beyond words; beyond time. Happy Friendship day!

No matter how hard

No matter how hard you have been through; always remember that not all the roads will always be rocky to you. Stay positive.

Emotions dont have words

Emotions dont have words; Wishes dont have scripts; If you smile; world is with you; Otherwise even a drop of tear does not like to stay with you.

Mornings are refreshing

Mornings are refreshing like friendship; it may not stay all day long; but for sure it comes forever every day. Good Morning.