A study has proved

A study has proved that all fools use their THUMB while reading a SMS. Now its too late do not try to change your finger. Catch another fool. Happy April Fool Wishes.

If in examination hall

If in examination hall during the exam you feel that the paper is tough; dont worry. Just close your eyes;
take a deep breath and say to yourself. This is a very interesting subject. I want to study it one more time.

Nine Advices to youth

Nine Advices to youth: 1. Never love a girl or boy. 2. Never lie 2 parents. 3. Never be rude 2 any one. 4. Always say sorry 2 enemies. 5. Always thank friend. 6. Never bunk college or school. 7. Never roam till mid night. 8. Always study well. 9. Die immediately if you follow the above 8 advices!