Failure gives new ideas 2 win

Dont read Stories of Success. Read Stories of Failure. Bcoz Successful stories gives the only msg. But Stories of Failure gives new ideas 2 win.

MAN in GODs shop

MAN in GODs shop; Wat do u sell? GOD; What ever ur heart desires. Man; I want success & happiness. GOD smiled and said; I sell only seeds not fruits

Failure and Success

Failure is a single paper in a book of success. But Success is the whole book itself. Dont lose a full book for a single paper.

Purity Of Heart and Clarity Of Mind

Purity Of Heart and Clarity Of Mind Is Surety To Success; May God Bless You and Ur Family With PURE; CLEAR

There is only one success

There is only one success. .to be able to spend your life in your own way. By Christopher Morley.

Dont allow negative circumstances

Dont allow negative circumstances to destroy you. Learn from your experiences and surround yourself with people who will lift you up and show you the road to success.