Figures, Sugar, Lover, moon

Figures lekunte College waste
Sugar lekunte Coffee waste
Lover lekunte Life waste
Moon lekunte Sky waste
Nuvvu lekunte Zoo waste !!!!!!!

Balance your food choices

Balance your food choices over time. Not every food is PERFECT. When eating a food high in fat; salt or sugar, select other foods that are low in these ingredients.

Human gets rich as they grow old

Human being get rich as they grow old; silver in hair; gold in teeth; sugar in blood; precious stones in kidney and a never ending supply of gas!

Pearl of the Day

Pearl of the Day: Dont Worry too much about Sugar in the Blood. Worry about Spice on the Tongue and Salt in the Heart.

A big hot hot Good afternoon

A big hot hot Good afternoon to my sweet sugar coated choco mallow milky shaky honey dipped cheez melting orange juicy pepperoni spicy sweet friend!

Santa and parrot

Santa Asking his Parrot: Tote Jalebi khani Eh? Parrot: Apni Maa nu Khwa Saleya; Pehlan Mircha khwa khwa k bawaseer krati; hun Jalebi kawa k Sugar karani aa?

Nuvvu lekunte zoo waste

Figures lekunte college waste, Sugar lekunte coffee waste, Love lekunte life waste, Moon lekunte sky waste, Nuvvu lekunte Zooo waste.