Caring Summer Good Afternoon

Its 12 noon and the sun coming to show its fullest power. As the season is summer take precautions before going out. Good Afternoon.

Bath with your sweat

Enjoy the bath with your sweat; Drink water to keep the body cool. Wishing you a HOT summer Good Afternoon.

Welcome to the season

Welcome to the season of SQUEEZING; LICKING; AND SUCKING. Mangoes are in town. Enojoy the summer with it!

Anna Hazare ends his fast

Anna Hazare ends his fast as he is being offered a glass of lime juice by a small girl Sowmya. After four days of fast in Hot Summer in Delhi at last Government had relent. Anna Hazare says this is just a Start!

Take cold water bath twice daily

Take cold water bath twice daily. Morning and evening. Cold refers to room temperature or tap water during normal days. Luke warm water in cold days and cold water in summer.