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Morning after a Rainy Night

After a rainy night

The Morning walk is so beautiful when the weather is amazing. It was a rainy and cold last night. Sleeping with the sound of rain drops feels very much connected with the nature. Waking up early in the morning is so rewarding each and everyday with new sceneries. It’s just for few minutes that this amazing view can be seen. The sun light passing through the tiny gaps between leaves of trees. The roads are washed with the water during night rain. The coolness around. The fresh air to breathe. Birds chirping on trees. It’s so much. Good morning 🤗

As the candlelight flame

As the candlelight flame; Your life may always be happiness claim; As the mountain high; You move without sigh; like the white linen flair; Purity is always an affair; As sunshine creates morning glory; fragrance fills years as Flory; with the immaculate eternal smile; attached to you mile after mile; All darkness is far away; As light is on its way; Wish all of u a very happy diwali.

Happy Vijaya Dashami, Happy Dussehra, Happy Navaratri

As the candlelight flame your life may always be happy; As the mountain high you move without shy; As sunshine creates morning glory fragrance fills years as Flory; All darkness is far away as light is on its way. Wishing you all a very Happy Vijaya Dashami; Happy Dussehra and Happy Navaratri.