Kites flying high

Kites flying high to touch the happiness; til mangled with sweet to spread sweetness. Time to enjoy the moment with full intensity very happy prosperous Makar Sankranti

Full Form of SMILE


full form of smile

Full Form of SMILE is Sweet Memories In Lips Expression.

Smile is a magic which can turn around any situation. Have a big smile always on your face.

Sweet Candies

Sweet Candies

A multiple level game with more than 100 levels to play. You can play any level at any time, so you can oy the last level as well if you are stuck up in between. The game is played by swapping candies to form a row of three or more candies. An addictive game to play and enjoy the levels while playing.

You are my heart

Far or near: You are my dear. Young or Old: You are my gold. East or west: you are my best. Cute and Smart: You are my sweet. Start or end: You are my heart.

When a very sweet and close person

When a very sweet and close person goes too far from us; we may say or not say; but our heart says to their heart: You made me alone.

I will Always remember the day

I will Always remember the day I married you; Without you my Love; My Beauty; I Don’t know what I would Do; your loving and thoughtful just to mention Two; I adore your Sweet Smile it makes Me Want You.

A Girl to Boy April Fool Prank

I am your Girl friend: Smart. Intelligent. Sweet. Talented. Excellent. Romantic. Is it okay? In short I am your SISTER. Happy April fools day.