Wish you a very very Happy

Wish you a very very Happy Advance Makar Sankranti. Enjoy the festival to the fullest by flying kites and eating sweets.

Sweets Monster

Sweets Monster is a 2D endless parkour game. The aim is to avoid all obstacles and to gather as much candy as possible to get a high score. Combo moves will increase your score and you will get a higher reward.

Sweets yummy

Eating sweets are tasty

Eating sweets are tasty! Speaking sweet words are easy! But; finding sweet people are very very difficult! Lucky idot! How did you find me?

We celebrate our festivals

We celebrate our festivals with spending lots of MONEY and TIME on crackers; Idols, Sweets etc. . . Why cant we spend a few on our republic day helping people around; hosting flags; awareness spreading etc. . . Its our Republic Day we have to do it. Do it. Happy Republic Day.

May be I am the first

May be I am the first one to wish u A VERY HAPPY SANKRANTI! I would be busy in flying kites and eating Sweets. So wishing you in advance Happy Makar Sankranti!

Boy and Girl with Sweets and Marbles

A boy and a girl were playing together. The girl had a collection of marbles. The boy had some sweets with him. The girl told the boy that she will give all her marbles in exchange for his sweets. The boy agreed. The girl kept the biggest and the most beautiful marble aside and gave the rest to the boy. The boy gave her all his sweets as he had promised. That night; the boy slept peacefully. But the girl could not sleep as she kept wondering if the boy had hidden some sweets from her the way she had hidden her best marble. If you don’t give your 100% in a relationship; you will always keep doubting if the other person has given his or her love.

Who am I for you

Who am I for you? Chewing gum; chocolate; water; sweets; Fruits; soft drink; Coffee; select any one; i will tell you the meaning. Reply me fast.

Chewing gum: timepass; chocolate: good friends; water: cant live without me; sweets: friend in need; fruits: best friends; softdrink: you love me; coffee: addicted to me.