Jack saw a board at the center

Jack saw a board at the center of a River; He tried to read; but he cant read it. So; Jill asked him to swim into the River and read. Then he read CROCODILES INSIDE DONT SWIM!

Essay on duck

Essay on duck: I like duck. Duck lives in water. I also drink water. My neighbor uncle drink alcohol. Alcohol is very bad. It was told by Gandhi ji. He was a good person. He had one stick. Stick swim in water. Duck also swim in water. Duck take bath in water. Me too take bath in water. I take bath only 5 min but duck take bath full day. So only duck is so white. I like duck so much. Moral: My messages are free. I have 9523 more free SMS. Coming soon. essay on fish!

Funny on Exercise

Exercise? 1. If walking is good for health; the postman would be immortal. 2. A whale swims all day. Yet is fat. 3. A rabbit hops around all the time. Yet only lives 15 years. 4. A turtle does nothing; yet lives for 450 years. HELL WITH EXERCISE! Eat; Sleep n Be Happy. Dont take seriously.

Last night I had a dream of u

Last night I had a dream of U. U n I were trvling in bus. Sudenly the bus lost cntrl n fel into a river. Every1 swim 2 sav their lif bt U were stil swiming n searching 4 someone n then I heard Ur voice sayin; conductor do you rmember you have to give me change.