Lets make today a Compliment day

Lets make today a Compliment day. Ask ur friends what They like best in u. Eyes; Hair; Style; Height; Voice; Smile; Talent; Character; Dressing; Attitude but reply me first.

Problem Talent and Kismat

Difference between problem; Talent and kismat. . . . . . . . . . Two boys love one girl = PROBLEM! One boy love two girls = TALENT! Tow girls love one boy = kismat

Which award will you give me

Which award will u give me: 1.Best looks award 2.Best speech award 3.Best eyes award 4.Best character award 5.Best attitude award 6.Best humor award 7.Best nature award. 8.Best friendship award. 9.Best talent award. 10.Best love award.

MNC Abbrevations

MNC abbreviations: NIIT;Not Interested In Technologies TCS;Totally Confused Systems WIPRO;Weak Input Poor and Rubbish Output HCL;Hidden cost and Loss IBM;Idiotic Brainless Material Last but not the least. GENPACT; Generally Employes are Not Paid According to Talent.