Keep the smile

Keep the smile; Leave the tear; Think of Joy; forget the fear.Hold the laugh leave the pain; Be joyous; because its new year. Happy New Year.

Sometimes in LIFE

Sometimes in LIFE its very difficult to decide whats wrong A LIE that brings a SMILE or The TRUTH that brings a TEAR.

Love def. by 60 year old Girl

Love definition by a 60 year old woman: Love is when he is taking his last breath and saying; I am glad as you know what love is and leaves me with a tear forever.

If I were a tear

If I were a tear in your eye I would roll down onto your lips. But if you were a tear in my eye I would never cry as I would be afraid to lose you! I Love You.

When Nights are long

When Nights are long and Friends are few; I sit by my Window and think of you. A silent whisper a silent tear with all my Heart I wish you were here. Good night and sweet dreams.

The most touching lines for a Friend

The most touching lines written by a man to his best friend: Ever you miss me; never you cry. For a drop of tear in your eyes is a day less in my life.

Nothing just Over acting

When I dont get your sms A litle pain in my hurt; A small tear in my eyes and sadness falls on my face. Whats this? Its nothing just Over acting.