Behind your smile

Behind your smile I know there are sorrows; Behind ur laughter I know there are tears; And I want you to know that behind you I am always there as friend forever for you.

Count your smiles

Count your smiles instead of your tears; count your courage instead of your fears.

Mother s T

Mother s T is for the TEARS she shed to save you at every moment of life.

Most difficult moments of life

Most difficult moments of life: Giving someone a hug when you need it the most yourself. Fighting back the tears in your eyes to wipe off someone elses tears. Listening to somebodys grief when you want your misery to be heard.
Being the reason of a smile on someones face when your own smile is lost.

Hindi Friendship day wishes

Zakham+U=Marham Tanhayi+U=Mehfil Tears+U=Smile Rasta+U=Manzil Nothing+U=Everything Me+U=a great story of friendship!

Except our loved Ones tears

Meaning full lines: We Cant take anything along with us when we are leaving. Except our loved Ones tears. So live for those People who live for YOU.