In My childhood One day

In My childhood One day I kicked lions face; Pulled tigers tail; Broken cheetahs leg; Fallen an elephant; then. . . . then. . . . then. . . . Toy shop owner kicked me out.

Tiger and Tigress on Discovery People

Tiger started trying to kiss Tigress. tigress stopped him and started wondering here and there. Tiger: What happened? Tigress: Just watching is Discovery people are there around.

Fight between CHOUDHURY and a Tiger

Once there was a fight between CHOUDHURY and a Tiger. CHOUDHURY Ran away. Why? Save The Tiger. Only 1411 are left. Otherwise you know CHOUDHURY hahaha. . .

Balayya Jumping Distance

Max Jumping distance of ANIMALS: Dog: 4m Cat: 3.7m Donkey: 6m Horse: 14.9m Tiger: 17.5m Balayya: Jumps 1Km from buildng to train. What a Funny animal.

Three ways to catch a Tiger

Three ways to catch a Tiger. 1 Newtons law: Allow d tiger to catch u; then u catch the Tiger. 2 Veerappans law: Kidnap tigers wife and ask the Tiger to Surrender. 3 Police Method: Catch a Cat n Beat it until it agrees that its a TIGER!

Two guys saw a tiger

Two Guys saw Tiger. One started running. Other asks are u faster than tiger? He replied; I have to Run faster than u. Its Competitive world be careful!