Watch and time

Funny but true THOUGHT…
In the past, nobody had a watch but Everyone had TIME.
Now everyone has a watch but NOBODY has TIME…:-)

Monster Snack Time

It’s snack time and there’s only one rule: eat or be eaten! You are a tiny monster and need to grow. Gobble up smaller creatures to become bigger and stronger, but be careful that the bigger ones don’t eat you. Play through 40 levels, collect coins for bonuses and power ups and earn achievements. Bon appetit!

A message in a Laundry

In a Laundry: Ladies, Leave your clothes here and then spend the afternoon having a good time!

Time is like a River

Time is like a River. You cant touch the same water twice; because the flow that has passed will never pass again. So Enjoy every moment of life.

A very good relationship

A very good relationship needs just two things; little time to be spent with them and true care to be shown always.