Memorable moment r celebrate together

Memorable moment r celebrate together; U r my best friend for now & forever; Make me Miss U even more this New Year; Hope this 2011 bring Happiness for you Dear.

Love def. by 21 year old Girl

Love definition by a 21 year old Girl: Love is when he runs from college with me just for a week long trip together!

We are only real friends

We can eat and drink together; talk and laugh together; enjoy life together; but we are only real friends as we have also cried together.

Friendship is a golden thread

Friendship is a golden thread that tie us together through each moments of smile and tears in every season or weather.

Relation between two eyes

Do you know the relation between your two eyes? They blink together; move together; cry together; see things together and sleep together though they never see each other; Friendship should be just like that. Life is hell without friends.

A single moment

A Single Moment Of Miss Under Standing Is So Poisonous; That It Makes Us Forget The 1OO Lovable Moments Spent Together Within a Min!