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Three facts in SMS

Three Facts In This World Fact 1: You cannot touch all your teeth with your tongue; Fact 2: After reading the first fact, all fools try it. Fact 3: Fact1 is false Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha……………… Keep Smiling…

‎The three most difficult things

The three most difficult things to do in the world. 1. You cant count your hair. 2. You cant wash your eyes with soap. 3. You cant breathe when your tongue is out. . . Now please put your tongue back inside you look like a thirsty dog.

Jacks son filling an Application

Jacks son was filling a Application form. Son: Father; What should I fill in mother tongue? Jack: Write; very long and uncontrollable.

Pearl of the Day

Pearl of the Day: Dont Worry too much about Sugar in the Blood. Worry about Spice on the Tongue and Salt in the Heart.