Watch and time

Funny but true THOUGHT…
In the past, nobody had a watch but Everyone had TIME.
Now everyone has a watch but NOBODY has TIME…:-)

Demi Lovato True Make Up

What looks best on singer, Disney star and X-Factor coach and jury member Demi? Find out with this free True Make Up game and dress and make up Demi the way you like it. During her guest appearance at Glee or vacation in Camp Rock, with your help Demi`s styling will create new fashion trends. Play this new and free make up game and create trendy stylings and fashion innovations on your tablet or cell phone. This is the perfect game for Demi fans, and girls who are young and fashionable!

Yet feels like forever

Its hard to know; you are just my friend; I wonder if this will ever end. I love to hold you the way I used to and prove to you my love is so true; It was not long ago; yet feels like forever

Your love makes my days

Your love makes my days Happy and bright; into my world you brought pure delight Joy beyond reason You have given me; Our love is true this I can see.

True love is

True love is having someone beside you that believes in you more then you believe in yourself.

A very true feeling

A very true feeling: I may not have the sense how to talk to people. But my mind is so pure that there is no intention to hurt some one ever.