road between USA and India

God: I am pleased with your prayers. Ask me what do you want? Man: I want to lay a road between USA and India. God: That is not possible. Laying road over seas, land and across boundaries of different countries is very difficult. Ask me something else. Man: Please make my wife listen to whatever I say and obey. God: Tell me son, do you want single lane or double lane road.

Santa calls Banta

Santa calls Banta and asks How long does it take to fly to USA? Just a sec; comes an answer as Banta was busy. Thank you says the Santa and hangs up!

Would be effected Countries of Tsunami

Tsunami could occur in following countries due to earthquake in Japan. Countries are New Zealand; Australia; Russia; Guam; Philippines; Indonesia; Papua New Guinea; Nauru; Hawaii; Northern Marianas USA and Taiwan.

How to write 4 in between 5

Newton: how to write 4 in between 5? China:Joke. Japan:Impossible. USA: Question is wrong. UK:Not found on internet. From INDIA: Rajnikant replied so simple! f IV e.

Corrupted Polititians Insult

USA: Hamare dog Football khelte hai. JAPAN: Hamare fish dance Karte hai. CHINA: Hamare Hathi cycle chalate hai. INDIA: HAMARE GADHE CENTRL GOVT CHALARAHE HAI.