Life anedi ICECREAM lantidi

Life anedi ICECREAM lantidi. Danni taste chesina karuguthundi; Waste chesna karugutundi. So taste it; dont waste it.

Beautiful tomorrow wonderful today

Beautiful tomorrow never comes; When it comes its already Today! In hunt of Beautiful tomorrow; Lets not waste the Wonderful Today. Good Morning.

As long as we have Friendship

As long as we have memories; yesterday remains. as long as we have hope; tomorrow awaits. As long as we have Friendship; each single moment never go waste.

Be an architect of your future

We are all born in this world for some special purpose. None of us are waste. So; Dont be a prisoner of past. Be an architect of your future.

Why you think like this

I m Krack I m Mental I m Waste Why you think like this? How ever you are you are my friend. Okay?

At Tokyo bus stand

A fantastic line written at Tokyo bus stand: Only bus stops here not time. So dont waste ur time keep moving with ur aims.

Nuvvu lekunte zoo waste

Figures lekunte college waste, Sugar lekunte coffee waste, Love lekunte life waste, Moon lekunte sky waste, Nuvvu lekunte Zooo waste.