Color White

Color White: Specifies you are already booked. Wear White color dress; an easy way to say without saying.

Moon would not be White

Moon would not be White; Sea would not be black; If I sleep without wishing you. Good Night!

Black and White

A question. Black is a color. Agreed? White is also a color. Agreed? But Black and White is not a Color TV why?

If I wear a white shirt

If I wear a white shirt and you have a black permanent marker pen what would you write on my shirt. . .? Forward to all and get funny replies. Reply me first.

Rose colors and Relationship

Black rose for an enemy. White rose for peace. Red rose for love. Pink rose for a close friend. Yellow rose for a new friend. Now which one I can deserve for You?

Chand ka colour

Chand ka color hai white; raat ko chamakta he bright; hamko deta hai mast light; to mai kaise so jau apko kahe bina GOOD NIGHT!