Man in Hell Funny Joke

A man in Hell asked Devil: Can I make a call to my Wife?
After making call he asked How much I should pay…
Devil: Nothing, calling hell to hell is free.

Husbands and Wives in Heaven with God

In heaven God told all husbands & wives to gather for a meeting!
He told the men to stand in two queues…
Those who are controlled by their wives & those who control their wives!

Only 1 man stood in d second Queue…

God said “So you control ur wife?”

Man: “R u CRAZY ???
My wife told me to stand here”???…

I’m following Indirani Mukerjee

No more jokes – I’m following Indirani Mukerjea story. Comedy, Romance, Adultery, Murder, Suspense- damn! that lady lead crazy life…

Indrani Mukerjea –
A 2nd wife of her 3rd husband is charged along with her 2nd husband of killing her sister now daughter from her 1st husband who was having affair with her 3rd husbands son from his 1st wife

We thought Algebra vector integration and applied Maths had complex equations ???

road between USA and India

God: I am pleased with your prayers. Ask me what do you want? Man: I want to lay a road between USA and India. God: That is not possible. Laying road over seas, land and across boundaries of different countries is very difficult. Ask me something else. Man: Please make my wife listen to whatever I say and obey. God: Tell me son, do you want single lane or double lane road.

Husband calls to wife after fight

Husband: Hi my Love. I Was missing you; so I called How are you darling? Wife: Oh. What about big fight we had five minutes ago? You are not angry? Husband: Oh God I dialled home again!

By all means, marry

By all means; marry. If you get a good wife; you will become happy; if you get a bad one; you will become a philosopher.

A poor man catches a fish

A poor man catches a fish; but his wife cant cook due to high prices so no gas; no spices; no oil. Man puts the fish back in river. Fish shouts: Congress Zindabad!

Congress is a Party Name which is ruling presently in India.