Failure gives new ideas 2 win

Dont read Stories of Success. Read Stories of Failure. Bcoz Successful stories gives the only msg. But Stories of Failure gives new ideas 2 win.

Speed Club Nitro

Speed Club Nitro

Enoy the car racing game on your smartphone. Various levels and many cars to passby and win. To come in first place pass by 20 cars. You get nitro boosters whenever you take N on the road. A Cool car racing game.

To win and Rewin someones heart

To win someones heart is easy; to break someones heart is simpler than easy; But to RE-WIN someones broken heart is more than impossible! So dont break anyones heart.

Every morning is

Every morning is a new beginning of an old battle. Keep fighting. I pray every day you win. Good Morning

While building your team

While building your team; always search for people who LOVE to WIN. If its difficult to find; then look for people who HATE to LOSE.

Fighting with a Friend

Fighting with the world is easy. We either WIN or LOSE. But Fighting with a friend is difficult. If we LOSE; We LOSE and If we WIN; Still we LOSE.