Man and Woman, A Joke

Man: “I was born in California.”
Woman: “Which part?”
Man: “All of me.”

Man: “Excuse me. Do you know the way to the zoo?”
Woman: “No, I’m sorry I don’t.”
Man: “Well, it’s two blocks this way, then one block to the left.”

Full form of Woman

Full form of Woman W – Wonderful O – Outstanding M – Marvellous A – Adorable N – Nice. Thats what you are girls ladies friends. Lets spread love, peace, happiness in this universe. We are not born as great women, but we are by our passion and contribution in small or big deeds to this world and man kind.

Marriage is that relation

Marriage is that relation between man and women in which the Independence is Equal; the Dependence mutual and
the Obligation Reciprocal. Best wishes for Happy Wedding Anniversary.

In a Temple a Notice

In a Temple a Notice: It is forbidden to enter a woman; even a Foreigner; if dressed as a man.

Love def. by 60 year old Girl

Love definition by a 60 year old woman: Love is when he is taking his last breath and saying; I am glad as you know what love is and leaves me with a tear forever.

A man with God

A man asked god: Why did you made woman so cute? God Said: So you can love her. Man asked: God; why did you made her so stupid? God said: So that she can Love you too.