Words and heart

Words cant express what I feel for you. Its also difficult for me to prove. But I know my heart is true when i say: I am lucky to have you.

I love you on Anniversary

I LOVE U are words just three; which means so much on our ANNIVERSARY. So; this is what i want to say; live in my heart and there for ever stay.

You dont always have to defend

You dont always have to defend your self with words. Sometimes your silence gives people a clue that you have better thoughts in mind.

What are the Three words

What are the Three words that can change a womans mood for almost an entire day happy?

Good Morning Sweety. My Beautiful dear.

Sometimes words are hard

Sometimes words are hard to find; to form that perfect line to let you know you are always on my mind as well in Heart! I love You

I miss you

I miss you. . . I need you. . . More and more. . . each day. . . each second. . . I love you. . . more than words. . . can ever say.