Color Yellow

Color Yellow: Specifies you Just Broke Up. You can wear yellow color dress to show it.

Rose colors and Relationship

Black rose for an enemy. White rose for peace. Red rose for love. Pink rose for a close friend. Yellow rose for a new friend. Now which one I can deserve for You?

A Colourful Message

A Colourful Message; RED; PINK; YELLOW; VIOLET; GREEN; to a colourful person; for colourful day; in a colourful way; as a pray; that the colourful ray; may forever stay. Happy colorful Happy Holi.

Colors for Holi

Red; Blue; Yellow; Pink; Silver; Green; Orange; I am sending you colors in advance. Be ready to play Holi! Happy Holi in Advance!

Lorry Twister

Spell atleast 5 times speedly and correctly: Rally Lorry: Lorry Rally; Red Lorry: Yellow Lorry